Rose Street - Photos by Nicole Roberts and Phyllis Christopher

  • Performing at Rose Street events

    You can apply to perform at Rose Street House of Music through Sonicbids, or by sending a CD and a 1-page bio (not a full press kit), with your return contact info on both, to 1839 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA, 94703.

  • How often do we review submissions?

    Since Rose Street is entirely volunteer-run, and since we're low on volunteers, our time for reviewing submissions is limited. We review as many submissions by new artists who wish to perform at Rose Street events as we can.

  • Sonic Bids

    Sonic Bids applicants, after you apply, please make sure to check your SonicBids selection status before contacting us. If you're selected through our SonicBids process, please make sure to indicate that in the subject of your email (otherwise it'll be lost in the hundreds of unsolicited emails we get).